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As part of joining Marine Rescue Whitfords, you will become a registered Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) member, through the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.


VMR members are often first responders to emergency situations and can be called upon to attend Marine Incidents at various times of the day or night.


Whether it be a simple tow of a vessel back to safe harbour, or a Search and Rescue (SAR) situation, Marine Rescue Whitfords require a minimum commitment to duty from our Volunteers.  


In return you will receive significant training in all aspects of Marine Rescue, as well as the immense satisfaction you get from helping out members of the boating community.


Because of the nature of our voluntary work and the unsociable hours we may be required to work, this can have an impact on your family and or work life balance.


Before you submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) application we strongly recommend that you read our minimum Commitment Requirements in the PDF below.

vmr wa.jpg

Think you have what it takes to be a Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) Member?

Volunteer Expression of Interest 

Thanks for submitting your application. Our Personnel Team will be in touch to discuss the next steps of your application.

Please select your area(s) of interest

Note : It is a mandatory requirement that boat crews also complete a radio shift on a rostered basis

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