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The Group was formally established in July 1975 by members of the Whitfords Sea Sports Club (later known as Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club) and formally incorporated in May 1977.

From 1975 to 2020 the Group was known as the Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue Group Inc until the change to Marine Rescue Whitfords.


Marine Rescue Whitfords has grown over the years to a team in excess of 120 active volunteers and around 1,000 radio subscriber members. In the early years, the Group averaged around 30 rescues a year. Today the Group averages just over 250 calls for sea and rescue (SAR) assistance per annum.


All volunteers give their time and skills generously providing a range of services for the Western Australian boating community.

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Our History

What we do

Marine Rescue Whitfords  is one of the largest sea rescue groups in the state, with over 120 active volunteer members operating 3 purpose-built rescue vessels and a 24/7 radio service that allows boat owners to log their boating plans.

Marine Rescue Whitfords (formerly Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue Group) is one of the largest sea rescue groups in Western Australia, with over 120 active volunteers. We provide a marine radio service to the boating public around the clock, 365 days per year and we own and operate 3 purpose-built rescue vessels with which we regularly perform around 250 marine rescues each year, resulting in more than 500 people being brought safely back to harbour after having suffered a breakdown or other boating mishap.


We have been providing our boating safety services for over 40 years and we have unrivalled knowledge of the local waters.

We are a member of Volunteer Marine Rescue of WA and we are recognised by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and Water Police as an integral part of the Perth metropolitan marine search and rescue resource.


Our willing volunteers enable us to provide a range of services including:

  • our radio operators allow us to maintain our “round the clock” radio service,

  • our skippers and crew conduct for search and rescue operations utilising our 3 vessels,

  • we provide training in aspects of boating safety for our volunteers and for members of the public

  • we conduct public safety activities including providing escorts for safety convoys channel swims, paddle boarders etc. We also put on flare demonstrations.

  • we undertake public relations visits to increase public awareness of boating safety issues.


We operate from City Beach in the south to the Alkimos wreck in the north and around 30 nautical miles out to sea.


Our Headquarters, radio operations centre and training facility are all located in Ocean Reef, a few hundred metres from the marina.


Our rescue vessels are located at Hillarys Boat Harbour.

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