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Radio Network & Membership

Marine Rescue Whitfords operates a 24 hour radio network which allows boat owners to log their boat trips in the waters off the north metropolitan coastline of Perth. Our radio call sign is VJ6LQ and our radio operations are based at Ocean Reef. Our radio Tower is manned during daylight hours and we have volunteers who support the network overnight by using radio over IP (ROIP) technology from their homes.

For your own safety and for the peace of mind of your family, make it your number 1 rule to log on with VJ6LQ every time you take out your boat.

Radio Subscribers Toolbox
Manage your Radio Subscription here

What happens when you become a Radio subscriber?

We issue you with an Ocean Reef call sign and your contact and boat details are recorded on our database and are available to our radio operators. So if ever we need to contact or locate you, we not only have your call sign, we also have information about your boat and trailer or pen and contact details for you and your family. If you get into difficulty whilst at sea, we already have a head start in coming to assist you.

Your annual subscription is just $50, (or less than $1 per week) and your support helps provide the funds to keep Marine Rescue Whitfords boating safety services operating.
Being a subscriber adds another layer of security to your boating.

What Happens When You Log On?

When you take your boat out, you call VJ6LQ using your call sign and simply provide details of your trip. All your boat details are pre-registered, so you just advise the operator how many people you have onboard, where you are departing from, how much fuel you have, where you are going and when you expect to return.
These details are logged and your journey remains ‘active,’ until you log off when you arrive at your destination or return to your point of departure.


If you forget to Log Off, we will have to undertake a series of “vessel overdue” procedures that may eventually lead to a search being launched.
You can call in at any time to extend your trip and if you want us to we can call your family to tell them you are staying out longer.
We are on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week and a rostered rescue squad are on hand to come to your assistance if ever the need arises.
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