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Green 2 is a rapid-response vessel which allows our volunteers to respond quickly to emergency situations. It is an 11.3m Naiad RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), built by Kirby Marine and is powered by twin Yamaha 425 HP 4-stroke V8 outboard engines.

The foam filled collars that are part of the construction help to provide an extremely stable vessel – whether heading into choppy seas or manoeuvring at speed. In normal operations, Green 2 provides an extremely safe and comfortable platform for our volunteer crews and, when the need arises those on board are able to prepare themselves for an express ride as the vessel reaches up to 47 knots in response to an emergency situation.

Green 2 is fitted with the same instruments and navigation equipment as Green 1.


The vessel is named “City of Joondalup” in recognition of the significant financial support provided by the City of Joondalup.

Green 2 – “City of Joondalup”

Green 3 – “Ken Blackie”

The RV Ken Blackie is the newest addition to our fleet, replacing the RV Upton, the former Green 3.


Launched in November 2019 and built by Kirby Marine it is a 10m Naiad RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) and is powered by twin Suzuki 325HP 4-stroke V6 Outboard engines.

Similar in design to Green 2, the vessel is fitted with the latest state of the art electronics and is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 40 knots. The vessel is also fitted with "duo-props" giving it exceptional manoeuvring ability in confined spaces.


The vessel is named "Ken Blackie" after one of our longest serving volunteers and one of the early founders of "Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue Group", now Marine Rescue Whitfords

Our largest vessel is Green 1, a 40ft heavy duty aluminium vessel designed by Mark Ellis Marine Design and constructed by Legend Boats. Powered by twin 450hp Caterpillar diesel motors, the vessel is built to do the “heavy lifting” or our SAR operations. It is capable of sustaining extended operations of up to 24 hours, while providing a safe and comfortable working platform for our volunteer crews.


The vessel is fitted with a wide range of navigation and search instruments, including an integrated chart-plotter, sounder, and radar. Also on board are 27 MHz, VHF marine radios, satellite phone, radio direction finders and a FLIR infrared camera.


Green 1 was named “Stacy-Hall” after John Stacy and Henry Hall who were among the founding members of the Group, each having given nearly 30 years’ service to the boating community of Perth. Henry was awarded an OAM for his contribution to Sea Rescue.

Green 1 – “Stacy Hall”

Our Vessels

The Group currently operates 3 dedicated rescue vessels, each of which has a specific set of features that make it suitable for a particular type of rescue operation.

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